Eli Epstein (Photocall) "Together" Pillow - Woodstock Two

$ 95.00

“We drove all night in the rain to get there, arrived in a mob, and were suddenly knee-deep in mud.  We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into.  Overnight, Woodstock became the 3rd largest city in the state and what really struck me was the unexpected invention of creativity and togetherness.” - Andy Epstein


When you know that your father and your uncle were at Woodstock, their experiences become family legend. But where were the pictures? They had to exist. Two years ago they turned up: faint pencil label on a business envelope in the bottom of a box of college papers: "Woodstock".  A roll of negatives. My dad and I flipped out. My friend Anna McCraney (AnnabelleNYC) asked me to collaborate on a product for Christmas 2015, and, although I am in music - I produce dance records (PHOTOCALL MUSIC), I am a lifelong design nerd, obsessed with creative interiors.

The Woodstock images would be perfect for large pillows. We worked together. Each negative was professionally drum scanned for maximum resolution, beautifully printed on 24" cotton pillows. Not Hendrix, not Joplin, but people just being "Together." Woodstock 1969.

Each throw pillow is a cotton duct and brushed denim and is 24" by 24".