Leif Low-Beer Custom Scarf

$ 85.00 $ 135.00

Leif Low-beer was educated in Canada and New York and currently works in Brooklyn. His sculptures and drawings have been shown at galleries in the United States and Canada, including a solo shows at Wild Project and Beginnings Gallery in New York, and a large-scale installation at Socrates Sculpture Park. In the last few years he had solo exhibitions at Okay Mountain in Austin and at Buffalo Arts Center in Buffalo.

Leif Parsons currently lives in Brooklyn and is working as an illustrator and artist. He has been shown on both coasts and has been published in many magazines and newspapers. Parsons has recently been focused on trying to find the line between looseness and tightness, between deliberate idea and spontaneous expression, between observation and imagination. 

Each scarf is 100% silk and 16" by 72".