Halley Hiatt Custom Clutch

$ 35.00 $ 45.00

Singer Halley Hiatt did a custom clutch for her new EP "Retrograde"!  100% cotton with a brass or gold ring.  9" by 5"

Halley Hiatt is a Singer Songwriter of Lebanese, French, and Native American decent that hails from Upstate NY but now resides in Bushwick, BK. Her sound is a unique hybrid that can best be described as a mix of R&B and Electro Pop.  Her brand new track, “Other Matters” was produced by Rodney Hazard and MP Williams (A$AP Rocky). It’s a reflective, thought-provoking song riddled with metaphors on life and the things we allow to the world to make us believe when we are momentarily lost. 

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WATCH The Music Video For "Other Matters" on SingersRoom.com Now! 

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