Cator Sparks Custom Scarf

$ 85.00 $ 135.00


The imagery draws from Cator's unique style and personal history.  The scarf will only be available for purchase for 14 days starting July 9th, and will be limited edition, so get yours before they are gone!  A portion of the proceeds will go to the Atlanta Hospital Hospitality House, a non-profit that is currently housed in the former home of his great-grandfather, mentor, and namesake, Cator Woolford, a portrait of whom is hidden in the scarf's design.  Among other items hidden in the tapestry, one will find family heirlooms like the bronze elephant inkwell that sits above Cator's desk for daily writing inspiration, a portrait of Cator by Alex Cohen that was included in a series based on Johnny Walker, and an Austrian clock bought by his great grandparents on their honeymoon around the world in 1919.  "The brooch is of a lovers’ eye." Cator explains,  "It was a trend in Georgian England to sport a brooch depicting the eye of a loved one, spouse, or child when you were away from them so they ‘always had an eye on you’." Wink, wink.  Find out more about Cator at and shop his flash sale starting July 9th!

Each scarf is 100% silk and 16" by 72".